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Analysis / Treatment

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Serving both commercial and residential properties, we offer comprehensive acoustic analysis, reporting and treatment services. We analyse the space, produce fully documented reports including recommended treatments. Our team can also complete the installation.  


We send an acoustic expert to your location. We take room dimension measurements to identify nodes followed by audio tests to identify problematic frequencies, reverberation times and room noise. 


We produce a custom tuning to your room’s usage which, by combining absorption panels with diffusers, colours the sound to create the perfect acoustic environment. Our products include hard-wearing, multifunctional and modular panels to suit any location.


Our designs take into consideration the specific needs of the space and its intended use, as well as any architectural and construction constraints. We work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that the designs are practical, cost-effective, and easy to implement.

Acoustic Report

After our acoustic report is an optional treatment report in which we provide full-spec outlines for recommended treatment processes including absorption or diffusion panels, acoustic curtains or isolation construction.


Based on the results of the acoustic analysis, our team of acoustic designers creates custom sound design, noise control design, soundproofing design, acoustic modeling and acoustic simulations to achieve the desired acoustic environment. 


Our highly experienced team work with trusted contractors to produce quality acoustic installation regardless of its complexity. From basic panel mounting to full room construction, trust your build with us to ensure you get the best possible results.

Case Studies


An office block was experiencing issues with noise intrusion and poor sound quality within the building due to large spaces with highly reflective surfaces. The client sought to improve the acoustic environment to increase productivity and provide a better work experience for employees upon their return to the office.



We conducted an acoustic analysis of the building, which included measurements of background noise levels, reverberation time, and frequency response. The results showed that the office block had poor acoustic performance due to excessive reverberation (RT60) and harsh higher-end frequencies due to the number of highly reflective surfaces (windows and desks)


Acoustic Report:

We provided a comprehensive acoustic report that detailed our findings and recommendations for treatment. The report included data from the analysis, along with our proposed solutions for improving the acoustic environment. Our recommendations included the installation of sound-absorbing materials, diffusers, and sound masking systems to improve speech intelligibility and reduce noise intrusion. This would provide additional privacy and reduce extraneous distractions. 



We designed and installed a customised acoustic treatment plan that addressed the issues identified in the acoustic report. We installed sound-absorbing ceiling tiles, wall panels, diffusers and multi-functional absorption furniture to reduce reverberation and improve sound quality. We also advised on a sound masking system to reduce the impact of background noise and improve speech privacy however this was not installed.


Design and Installation:

We managed the installation process from start to finish, ensuring that the treatment was installed to the highest standards and within the agreed timeframe. The design included company colours and an acoustic baffle that showcased their logo.



The acoustic treatment significantly improved the acoustic environment of the office block. Employees reported an improvement in sound quality, speech intelligibility, and overall comfort. The office block now provides a more pleasant work environment, which we are led to believe has led to an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.



Our acoustic analysis, report, treatment, design, and installation services helped to transform the acoustic environment of the office block. Our customised solutions provided a long-term, cost-effective solution to the issues faced by the client.

We were proud to work with a local theatre in Bristol to provide a comprehensive acoustic analysis and treatment plan. The theatre had been experiencing issues with sound quality, particularly in the audience seating areas, and approached us for a solution.

We began with a thorough analysis of the theatre’s existing acoustics, taking into account factors such as the size and shape of the space, the type of materials used in construction, and the existing sound system. Our team used state-of-the-art equipment to gather data, including sound pressure level meters and frequency analysers.

Based on the analysis, we provided a detailed acoustic report outlining the specific issues affecting the sound quality in the theatre. Our team recommended a variety of treatment options, including the installation of acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers to absorb and redirect sound waves. One major issue was the square shape auditorium.

We worked closely with the theatre’s management team to design a treatment plan that would address the specific needs of the space while remaining within budget constraints. Once the plan was approved, our team installed the acoustic treatments throughout the theatre, including in the seating areas, stage, and backstage areas.

After the installation was complete, we conducted a final analysis to ensure that the acoustic treatments had achieved the desired effect. The theatre’s management team reported a significant improvement in sound quality, with audiences and performers alike noting a marked improvement in clarity and balance.

We are proud to have worked with this theatre to provide a comprehensive solution to their acoustic issues, and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality acoustic solutions for businesses and organisations throughout Bristol and beyond.


Problem: The village hall had poor acoustics, making it difficult for audiences to hear performers and for presenters to be heard. The echo and reverberation in the hall made it challenging to hold events such as musical performances, lectures and presentations, and often causes problems with external hire for birthday parties and similar events.


  1. Acoustic Analysis: Our team conducted an extensive analysis of the hall, including measurements of the room dimensions, materials used in construction, and sound quality. We also used specialised equipment to measure the reverberation time in the hall.

  2. Acoustic Report: Based on the analysis, we provided a comprehensive report highlighting the issues and providing recommendations for improvement.

  3. Treatment: We recommended the installation of a combination of sound-absorbing panels and diffusers to reduce reverberation and echoes in the hall. We also suggested the use of carpeted areas and dense curtains to absorb sound and improve overall acoustics.

  4. Design: Our team worked with the village hall committee to create a custom design plan, taking into account the hall’s aesthetics and practical requirements.

  5. Installation: We installed the sound-absorbing panels and diffusers according to the design plan. Our team also made sure to test the acoustics after installation to ensure optimal performance.

Results: The acoustic treatment dramatically improved the acoustics of the hall, creating a more enjoyable experience for both performers and audiences. The installation of the sound-absorbing panels and diffusers reduced reverberation time and eliminated echoes, resulting in clear and crisp sound. The village hall committee was very satisfied with the results and reported an increase in bookings for musical events and lectures.


The sports club had been experiencing issues with the acoustics in their sports hall. The sound quality was poor and it was difficult for players and coaches to communicate effectively. The noise levels were also causing disruption to other areas of the facility.



Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the sports hall using advanced acoustic measurement tools. We created an acoustic report which detailed the issues present in the space and provided recommendations for treatment.

Based on the report, we designed a custom treatment plan for the sports club. This involved the installation of sound-absorbing materials on the walls and ceiling, as well as the addition of strategically placed diffusers to improve the overall sound quality. We focused on hard-wearing materials that would withstand hits from balls without breaking or marking.

We also designed a new audio system for the sports hall, which included high-quality speakers and amplifiers. Our team installed the new audio system and worked with the club’s staff to ensure that it was set up according to their needs.



The treatment plan and audio system design and installation improved the acoustics of the sports hall significantly. The sound quality was greatly improved, allowing players and coaches to communicate effectively. The noise levels were reduced, resulting in a quieter environment for other areas of the facility. The sports club was extremely satisfied with the results.


An acoustic analysis assesses the acoustic properties of a space to determine its sound quality and recommend necessary treatments.

Residential and commercial spaces, including homes, offices, studios, and performance venues, can all benefit from an acoustic analysis.

The report includes detailed measurements of sound reflections, reverberation time, background noise levels, and frequency response, along with recommendations for acoustic treatments.

The time required for an acoustic analysis depends on the size of the space being analysed and the complexity of the project. Typically, it takes a few hours to complete the analysis.

The cost of an acoustic analysis varies depending on the size of the space, location, and scope of the project. Prices are usually around £249 per room.

Acoustic treatments can significantly improve the sound quality of a space, but complete elimination of sound issues is dependent on a variety of factors, including the original sound quality, the size of the space, and the intended use of the space.

Yes, acoustic treatments can be customised to match the aesthetic of your space. There are various options available, including different colours and materials.

Acoustic treatments are designed to improve the sound quality of a space while maintaining its functionality. Treatments are chosen to provide optimal sound quality without compromising the intended use of the space.

Client Testimonials

“We commissioned BWS to give our offices an update ready for the return back to work. Their service was incredibly professional from start to finish. They arrived promptly, installed without fuss and cleaned up as they went. I'm not a musician but I can hear a big difference and am looking forward to what other think”
Mark Wright
“Bare wall analysised and then fitted acoustic panels to our community hall. It was quite a difficult project because we have a variety of users including Scout groups, worship groups and even puppy and sport groups. They installed some hardwearing panels which still look as good as new and double up as pin notice boards. Thanks again team”
3rd Scout Hut, N Somerset
“We had the guys at Bare Wall Studios quote on a new studio design as we had heard good things from a local theatre. They provided some amazing 3D render drawings that not only bought the space to life but incorporated things we hadn't even thought about. Would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone”
TreeTop Studios

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