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At Bare Wall Studios offer a range of services to enhance your audio experience. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to delivering the best in all our specialised services.


Acoustic Analysis

Our Acoustic Analysis, Reporting and Treatment thoroughly analyse your space’s acoustics, in preparation of our installation of acoustic treatments to optimise sound quality and reduce unwanted noise.


We offer both AI and human mastering options to provide the best possible outcome for your audio tracks. Whether you prefer the speed and efficiency of AI mastering or the personalized touch of human mastering, we have you covered.

Podcast Editing

Our podcast editing service includes noise reduction, sound leveling, and content editing to ensure your podcast is polished and ready for distribution. Contact us for a consultation.

Panto Music

Multi-award winning musical directors can support you through every musical and audio aspect of your pantomime including custom music, incidental and more!


Our Sound Proofing Installation services provide tailored solutions to minimise noise transfer between rooms, creating a comfortable and acoustically optimised environment for recording, mixing, and mastering.


Our song production service takes your musical vision from concept to reality, incorporating expert composition, arrangement, and final mixdown to create a polished and professional track.


Have a melody line or lyrics you need help with? Or maybe a full song but aren’t able to fully produce a release-ready song? Our team are ready to realise your creativity.

Show Music

Experts in music for Theatre, we have a large repertoire of shows and also produce custom show music to work with your musicians. Our expert team can integrate with yours to provide full show music support including programming and performance.


We predominantly cover Bristol and surrounding South West areas although do travel further afield for larger scale projects. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The services listed above are ones we really excel at, however, our talented team are well versed in a number of audio related skills. Get in touch and we’ll see how we can help!

Yes! We produce music in a variety of genres and can assist you from concept to distribution.

Yes! We install acoustic panels and other sound-proofing and sound-controlling items to create sonically pleasing spaces dependent on their use.

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Our talented team are ready to bring your project to life with ease, speed and exceedingly good quality.