Singer Songwriter

Empowering amateur and professional musicians to creatively realise their composition.

Bare Wall Studios

Uncovering Musical Magic

Share your authentic story through music as our Singer-Songwriter service bridges the gap between you and your audience simplifying the track creation process.


Participate in dynamic 1-to-1 song workshops where your compositions are carefully dissected, refined, and elevated. Collaborate with industry professionals and fellow musicians to explore new perspectives, techniques, and arrangements, transforming your songs into captivating musical masterpieces.

Lyric Refinement

Enhance the power of your lyrics through expert guidance, ensuring that your message shines brightly and resonates deeply with your audience. Refine your word choices, imagery, and storytelling techniques to create impactful and memorable songs.

Have A Melody Line?

Transform your melody into a complete masterpiece with our expert songwriters crafting captivating lyrics and producing a track that is distribution-ready, bringing your musical vision to life.

Have A Verse Or Chorus?

Collaborate with our experienced team to develop a well-crafted song structure around your existing verse or chorus, while producing a polished, release-ready track that captures the essence of your musical vision.


Refine your song structure, melody, lyrics, and delivery, unlocking your full artistic potential and honing your skills as a singer-songwriter. Gain valuable insights, guidance, and techniques to take your songs to the next level.

Track Production

Experience the magic of professional track production as your musical ideas are transformed into polished and dynamic recordings. Collaborate with skilled producers and engineers to craft the perfect sound, adding layers, textures, and sonic elements that enhance the overall quality and impact of your tracks.

Have Lyrics?

Bring your lyrics to life with a tailor-made musical composition created by our skilled composers, capturing the essence of your words and enhancing them with a rich and captivating arrangement.

Have A Full Song?

Take your complete song to the next level with our comprehensive production service, where we bring your vision to fruition by creating a fully produced track that is primed and ready for release, ensuring your music shines in the industry.


Our service provides tailored guidance and support to help you refine your songwriting skills, enhance your musical abilities, and unleash your full potential as a singer-songwriter.

Absolutely! Our workshops and coaching sessions are designed to help you explore different songwriting techniques, refine your craft, and discover your unique artistic voice.

Yes, we provide expert assistance in music production, helping you bring your songs to life with professional recording, arrangement, and production techniques.

Certainly! Our vocal coaching sessions focus on improving your vocal technique, expression, and stage presence, empowering you to deliver captivating performances as a singer-songwriter.

Yes, we can connect you with skilled instrumentalists who can collaborate with you, adding depth and richness to your music and enhancing your songs’ overall sound.

Absolutely! Our lyric refinement service provides valuable feedback and guidance to help you craft compelling and impactful lyrics that resonate with your audience.

Yes, we provide coaching on stage presence, performance techniques, and connecting with audiences, helping you deliver memorable and engaging live performances.

Certainly! We can provide access to professional recording studios equipped with high-quality equipment and experienced engineers to ensure your songs are captured with exceptional audio quality.

Let us help you realise your project

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